Some of Our Products & Services.

Why we can help you.

Website Applications

KMX works with multiple types of web applications ranging from External services to internal Silverlight applications Working with mobile versions too.
We will happily use business logic and integrate with your current user management service be that active directory, SQL databases, or our own internal use manangement services.

Mobile Sites & Application

With our developer Licences we can create a multitude of apps for Windows Phone 7.8 to Windows Phone 8. We offer Publicly available apps aswell as restricted access apps, meaning only your employees can use these apps. We can also quickly convert your website application into a Mobile Site allowing diverse access to your Smart Websites.

Windows Applications

We offer a "what it says on the tin" application. It does what you ask of it. It doesnt waste time or system resources looking flash. It works quickly and works well.

WPF Applications

Using Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation we can give you the expience your customers need, something that looks great and is Intuitive to any user.


It's all fine and great if you have a website that works but when you're paying too much or the pages take too long to load we offer cost effective scalable hosting from as low as £5.00 Per week

What they all have in common

All of our programs are designed to be in their nature dynamic and ever changing just like your business. We dont just make your program and leave you there. We ensure your program is easy to modify & upgrade.
We offer ranging support packages custom tailored to suit you including program maintainence & technical support.