What makes us work.

KMX, established in 2003 & based in the UK, is the company aimed to provide you with quick and simple cost effective software solutions without the stress of PC World and dodgy dealers.

We know exactly what we are talking about, we wont fob you off or spend your precious time using search engines to find a solution. We offer complete transparency with you, if you want to see the code behind your program we will release it so you know exactly what your program does.*

We offer payment schemes to suit you, we offer Lifetime Licences & Monthly, yearly even decades**. All depending on what you want.

KMX's ethos is about flexibility, we understand no two companies are similiar so why should you be the one to jump through hoops, let us do the jumping for you.

*Please note that the security routines are not released & Usage licences & restrictions are applied to the code released.

**Licences are not transferrable between Companies or individuals.