What we do

KMX Software provides multi-platform software solutions custom built to request. The software we provide integrates seamlessly with your current workflow maximising productivity and making day-to-day tasks easier even, overcoming repetitive tasks automatically.
The software solutions provided by KMX, once integrated, reduces the time you spend doing day to day tasks and enable you to actually work.

What makes us Special

We produce bespoke software to client's requirements using the latest technology and we have many stock routines to speed the process.

Send your requirements in rough draft form for a quick trial program without any obligation to purchase. All are despatched with built-in 30-day trial facilities.

We offer custom tailored price plans to suit your budget. We can work by Hourly basis or by Project-Task basis.
We handle all sizes of software, from simple utilities to full solutions. We have no problem with integrating with existing systems and other software. For the budget customer we can start with a simple program and add features over time.

Another Aspect that makes KMX what it is today is our willingness to co-operate and integrate with other areas and aspects of your setup. We co-ordinate with your company’s current IT support to find a solution that works for you.